Our Mission

To make significant contribution to the journals during their progress to reach national and international aims with our principled and unique approach to publishing.

To become the first solution partner that comes to mind for the editorial boards of all journals, and to be mentioned mainly with our services and successes.

To increase our contribution to the journals we publish constantly and significantly with our dynamism and efficiency.

To provide high-quality and accessible service with our professional and powerful team focused on customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To establish itself as an innovative and sensible company open to change and progress, who is the leader in its field with its background and knowledge, with the principle of always getting beyond itself.

Our Approach to Publishing

We think that many journals need to be published much better than they currently are.

Medical publishing is a sensitive task that requires intensive labor and devotion.

We know the importance of timing and schedule in periodical medical publishing business.

We are here to be in constant communication with the Editor and the assistant editors during the editorial process offering suggestions and considering every suggestion offered to reach for the better, working in cooperation and harmony,

To be the essential assistant of the editor by detecting and informing about the potential problems in the scientific articles during the editorial process and eliminating them,

And to ensure that the articles are published clean from redundant and superfluous expressions, in scientific language, following (Turkish/English) grammar rules, in a simple, clear and objective manner,

To contribute towards increasing the readability of the journal without boring the reader.

We pay attention to meticulous control of reference use in the articles (listing according to the international standards, actual use of the reference listed, etc).

We wish to contribute in preparing the necessary substructure for our journals to take their place in national and international indexes with their best, to make knowledge accessible and to ensure the journal to be cited, and in setting higher aims for the journals.

Unfortunately, the publisher is considered as a printing house in our country. We are aware of the fact that publisher is not merely a pressing house; but it should be an institution in which the typesetting and page layout is also performed with quality involving the above-mentioned comprehensive work!

You can contact us through our contact form for further details.